Wednesday, August 24, 2005

OS X vs XP in my opinion

FireWire vs. USB
Winner: FireWire

No contest. FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394) easily wins over USB 2.0. I’m sure we can expect the same with FireWire 800. I hear that the reason that Intel selected USB as the plug and play port of choice is Apple wanted to charge a $1 licensing fee per port. For every $100 motherboard, Apple would pocket four dollars. So what did Intel go with? USB 1.0/2.0, the inferior, but royalty-free system.

Winner: OS X

Although if you treat a WinXP well you can get days without rebooting, I would have to say that OS X would win. It makes sense when your software developers start over from scratch. If I had a web server that had to be up as if my life depended on it (and Linux/Apache wasn't an option), I would choose a Mac over a PC any day.

Winner: WinXP

Yeah, I hear Widgets are the next coolest thing. They are the development of all the programmers that now work on Apples because Unix is now under the hood. More power to them, but in a browse of the web downloads, the list of free PC applications is vast. Most open source applications have a Win32 binary file along with the source code, but not a Mac hqx. Most businesses have the money to spend on a program, but individuals don't. If I need to make an icon for a program on time, I'm not going to buy Icongrapher or Miconangelo. I'm going to download a shareware program, use it for 30 days, and then uninstall it.

File Browsing
Winner: WinXP

Yeah, Spotlight is cool . . . and some people really do use coloring coding. This is personal preference and depends greatly on your working habits. Mine include using a mouse as little as possible. I just love the fact that I do anything with my keyboard. This includes using the keyboard to move windows, select non-contiguous multiple files (hint: use the CTRL and Shift key), and tabbing around to any selection. The fact that I can turn on my computer and run a program with my monitor turned off is very cool. Does anyone how does one select the search field with the keyboard in iTunes?

More to come. . .



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