Thursday, September 22, 2005

2 free audio books at

As of now (Sept 22nd), you can get 2 free audio books at You can get a full refund if you want if you cancel within a month.

They download as ".aa" files that need to be activated by Audible to listen to them (So don't think that you can cancel and still listen to the ".aa" files). There are two ways around this problem. One is burn them all to CDs or you can save the files as MP3s if you use Goldwave 5 and the Lame plug-in. It is shareware, although I have registered. The only side effect is that you do not have the chapter divisions.

Tonight, I downloaded Gladwell's older book, The Tipping Point (Unabridged), and Seth Godin's All Marketers Are Liars (Unabridged).

Currently listening/watching: In Depth: Thomas Friedman (Book TV)


*I've been informed that one can cancel their subscription to and still activate their ".aa" I have to say though that converting to mp3 and having to worry about having a network connection seems like the best plan to me, especially if you are on the road.

*There is also a "NetFlix" of the audio book world called Simply Audio Books. I don't anything about them though. They are $25 per month for 2 rentals out at once.

* Added 10/27/05 :: I called customer support at (1-888-283-5051) to cancel my subscription and recieve a full refund as the site said I could. The customer support woman had no idea was I was talking about. She said didn't give refunds and wanted to tell me how I could save $100 off of an iPod. I told her that her website said they did give refunds and directed her to this page and asked her to explain the meaning of "Enjoy your first two audio programs with your FIRST MONTH of AudibleListener 100% RISK FREE. Within one month of joining, you may call to cancel and receive a full refund." After reading the statement she seemed befuddled and transfered me to the Sales department where I talked to Jay. Jay said that he would refund my money within 48 hours.

I guess that makes me a demon. (Angel Customers and Demon Customers by Larry Selden).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Audible doesn't work out, I strongly recommend that you try out renting audio books. It costs about the same, but has better customer service and is less inclined to glitches.

September 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are wrong. you can keep your audiobooks and listen to them at any time, EVEN IF OR WHEN YOU CANCEL your membership, including the free trial. Can't beat that.

September 22, 2005  

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