Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Freelance/Employee Blog

After viewing my friend, Ryan's blog at I thought about recording my daily triumphs and struggles related to the media industry in this blog. People want a story, after all. My hesitation is how much transparency employers/clients really want? No, really? How much of your struggle do you share? We are people, we are not public traded corporations. Although you could call some employers investors, since they are paying your income and would like a nice return on their investment.

You can start a transparent brand--after all it will make you more accountable. It will make you the fast moving cheetah around the dinosaur (I heard on Tavis Smiley the other day that some dinosaurs it takes 2 min. for them to feel if their tale was cut off).

It's the same paradigm for companies/investors/customers. How transparent is your brand?


Links of interest:
Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea describes how he capitalized on his “learning opportunities” and turned a simple idea into a multimillion dollar enterprise.


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