Sunday, October 09, 2005

Give FireFox to a friend

Give the present of Open Source (FireFox and Thunderbird) to your friends today!

Go to and download the programs in one file and burn it to a CD.

Contents include: Plugins such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Sun Java; Themes such as Whitehart, Qute, Noia Lite, Doodle Plastik, Curacao, Crossover, Nautipolis, Winstripe; Firefox Extensions such as Adblock, All-in-One Mouse Gestures, FoxyTunes, SessionSaver, ScrapBook, Tabbrowser Preferences, Bug Me Not, Context Search, Download Manager Tweak, FlashGot, ForecastFox, Focus Last Selected Tab, FirefoxView, Googlebar, Hotmail Tabs, IEView, InFormEnter, Linkification, Paste and Go, Super Drag and Go, StumbleUpon, Webmail Compose, Undo Close Tab

NOTE: Currently there is no Mac or Linux version of Firemonger, but there is of Firefox and Thunderbird.

Current Browser Statistics

87% Internet Explorer
8% FireFox
2% Safari


--Stephen M. James

*In response to Blake (see comment below), my post does not focus on the security issues. I enjoy FireFox because of the plethora of extensions (some of my favorites are listed above). The Adblock, EditCSS, and Web Developer extensions along with Live Bookmarks allow a user to manipulate the content of a site. I love Firefox not because it is a departure from Microsoft (although that's a very good reason), but because of the control that it gives the user. Every new software that comes from Microsoft seems to have more and more Digital Rights Management. You can even disable the JavaScript disabling of a "no right click/context menu" in Firefox.


Anonymous Blake Handler said...

As a Microsoft Consultant, I wish to assure you that I’m NOT a Microsoft zealot. But I wanted to add some comments.

Regarding Microsoft NOT conforming to CSS standards – I could not agree more. . .this is exactly what standards are NOT about. . .but unfortunately this is a problem with ALL browsers on ALL platforms (not just Microsoft).

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is an intrinsic part of Windows – you simply have no choice but to use MSIE to perform Windows & Office Updates. There are also a few websites that simply won’t “accept” other browsers (which is insane to me).

So since Windows users “must” use Internet Explorer – let’s at least apply the current service packs (nobody is denying that older versions were susceptible to problems).

It simply is no longer true that Firefox etc are immune to Spyware and Virus problems. As their popularity continues to grow, so does their number of security problems.

So if you “wish” to use another browser because you like their features? Cool – but to think you are more/less safer? Nope.

October 09, 2005  

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