Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mid-morning shower = creative ideas?

Don't waste your showers on your half-awake morning self.

Some people have said that their "Big Idea" hit them while they were in the shower. Ideas actually hitting someone makes less sense than spontanesous mutation (although I guess I do have to leave room for divine intervention). But none the less, would it make sense for employers to harness the shower time by having employees take showers at work?

The process is that one must have time for ideas to sink in and that time alone (yes, alone!) with a menial task might lead to better, more creative ideas. Of course, the brain would need to be fed (blogs, readings, work-related socializing) before it could run wild. I'm sure a better proposal to make to the boss would be to suggest a different menial task could take a shower's place that would not require installing a shower in the workplace. Any suggestions?

--Stephen M. James

(By the way, I did come up with this idea in the shower.)


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