Friday, October 14, 2005 great job of looking for a job

According to What Color Is Your Parachute's Richard Bolles, only 4 percent of job holders obtain a job by utilizing the Internet. The problem of course is that the employer doesn't know you from Adam. Then as Josh Cade (Indianapolis/MidWest) from (freelance/placement firm) told me, posts from students flood his email box. 30 out of 400 applicants might be goos enough for the creative position he is offering. Employers don't like posting to the's and the's because of all the email they get. It's all about the referal. That being said, I stumbled onto SimplyHired the other day and it does a good job of searching posts from a multitude of job hunting sites. Why visit one job posting site, when you can view 20 at one indexing site with a lot less advertising.

Of course, the best thing as always, is the RSS feeds. I wonder what their business model is?

--Stephen M. James


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