Thursday, October 13, 2005

The ThyCa DrugCard: Color

My newest graphic project is a fundraiser for ThyCa (thyroid cancer survivors non-profit). My client is not ThyCa though, it is a thyroid cancer survivor who wants to do a fund raiser for ThyCa and pay for all the development and printing costs of the ThyCa DrugCard. The premise is that people often forget to take their medications or forget to take them all with them when they visit their physician, especially during hypothyroidism. The card is a list of the patients prescriptions, vitamins and supplements. An accompanying card will have directions on how to perform a thyroid check on one's self that can be given to a friend.

The largest hurdle (besides HIPA rules) is the fushia/navy/cyan color scheme of their logo. I got out my swatchbook and considered the delimna. The solution takes the original colors and deviates from them enough to eliminate the 1980's motif and not scare away the males. The majority of thyroid cancer patients are women (so soft is good), but there are still plenty of men in the fold. As a male, I know that to use pink (especially neon) is scary. The new pink is a pastel on the peach side with enough yellow not to look like a baby shower present either. The cyan has become a sky blue that along with the butterfly motif (the butterfly/thyroid is a common association in ThyCa circles, the thyroid looks like a butterfly) symbolizes freedom from the disease. The navy blue has become an accent, and the "black" of the type.

Any comments?

--Stephen M. James


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