Friday, November 04, 2005

Banking and utility sign-up on the Internet

While setting up DSL through SBC, I read the fine print (like the $90 termination fee and asked about free packages that the operator had no idea about). They waived the installation cost of $47 also--just for me complaining about it, so that's $17/month for DSL. You can't beat that. I also accidently called the swicher a router and the sales lady became confused.

I am looking into a checking account at the First Internet Bank of Indiana. Yes, they have no storefront, it is only on the Internet, but they have nice rates. They have four times (1.25% and 2%, respectively) what my current rates are on my checking and savings accounts at my current bank. My brother-in-law has been a client of theirs for many years now.

Which leads me to my final thought, why are bank employees so happy? Yes, it's their job to be hospitable, but they seem to be a little happier than other customer service people at other businesses.

--Stephen M. James


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