Sunday, December 25, 2005

FireWire/DV problems, blank screen, gray squares from Final Cut Pro or Motion Updates

Using OS-X's Software Update to update Fin Cut Pro Studio (FCP 5 or Motion) ?

With each update patch (5.0.4 is the current one) my FireWire/DV deck/player (like a Sony DSR-11) stops outputing audio and video. There have been four patches so far. Try reinstalling QuickTime 7 (needed for Final Cut Pro Studio 5).

To do this, delete the Quicktime receipts at "/Library/Receipts/" (get it? if you install an application package. . . you get a receipt?). Then, Download Quicktime and re-install. Also, you must re-install Quicktime in a subsequent boot than during the update--so that means updating, rebooting, un-installing, re-installing, and then re-booting.

(Yeah, thanks a lot Apple. . .)

--Stephen M. James


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