Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie Queue RSS/Data Mining, Google TVoIP, Apple Motion

This Saturday, I realized that sometimes I'd rather data mine about my favorite movies. You'd think that NetFlix and Blockbuster would enable movie blogging--similar to Rhapsody's send to blog. I know that feature films aren't constantly playing in the background, nor are they 2:46 min long, but blockbuster doesn't even do RSS--which is why NetFlix is so much cooler.

I'm still not sure why people STILL go to movie rental stores and pay $4 per movie. Maybe it's because they are impulsive. Maybe it's because they've only bought books online from Amazon.

If you are listening, NetFlix make one's RSS of their Queue public--optionally, of course. Why? Because I ONLY watch cool movies. :-)

Tonight's readings/watching:

Security Now! 24: Questions and Answers

I, Cringely - Google's Grand Plan to Take Over TV Advertising

I, Cringely - How Pay-Per-Click Is Killing the Traditional Publishing Industry (death to magazines by mail!)

I, Cringely - The Falafel Connection (NSA wiretaps explained--it's based on data mining)

After Words: Ambassador L. Paul Bremer interviewed by James Hoagland

Afternote: I had to reinstall Apple Motion 2.0 last week in order to get it to work. Readers, if you are keeping track, that's the third time in two months.

--Stephen M. James


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