Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Learning Apple Motion 2

I am finally understanding the interface of Apple's Motion. It's nice. It's kind of cute, but it's interface, in typical Apple fashion is nothing like Macromedia or Adobe (which eventually may be a good thing, but increases the learning curve).

If you want to add a keyframe, you need to do it from a drop down menu. I recommend trying to animate using the Record button (shortcut key: "A") whenever possible. This will automatically add a frame.

It also might be good to deactivate the thumbnail and turning on the keyframe viewing in the Timeline (buttons in the bottom-left of the timeline palette). I have a cinema display, and I'm still starved for space in this application.

The keyfame editor will take some time to get used to also. I recommend not clicking it's tab, but selecting it from the drop down menu of a specific keyframe. This will zoom in on that particular keyframe.

These links might help also:

--Stephen M. James


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