Friday, May 04, 2007

Project managment and timesheet accounting

I have used a few project management software packages ArtLogik, AceProject, and dotProject (open source) at my current job and a former job. At my current job, online project management did not last long. Since we are small company of under 10 employees that do not pass projects back and forth often, there is not a great need for the overhead of project management software.

Personal Timesheet

We use job folders that an archive copy of the project on DVD and time sheets go into. Before tallying the final time sheet that is printed from Excel, I use a personal time sheet that I write on. It is a seven column time sheet with the date, start and end times, a short description, the hours of the task, the comp number (only used for print projects), and a column to check if I have transferred the time to the final time sheet that goes into the job folder.

Final Time Sheet

The final time sheet that is archived with the digital copy of the project files is an Excel template. It has a place for the job number client and project in the heading. The way these three spreadsheet cells are set up that increases productivity is that one can complete the information for all three cells, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them into the file name of the Excel file. Thus the filename will be .xls and Spotlighting (from OS-X) the correct files in the future will be easy.

After the heading, is a list of the tasks with their date, description and total time. Below the task hours that are billed are additional fees that can be charged such comp approvals, ftp approvals, pdf approvals, and DVD approvals. This is all where material costs would be listed. These section has five columns: the date, a description of there service, who the material was sent to, how it was sent, and who said to send it. This level of description allows for a paper trail of who did what and when.

I hope that these thoughts and files help you in your project management. How do you do project management in your business? Do you use a paper trail? Track it all online?

-Stephen M. James

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Blogger easy said...

We’re a small company too, that’s why we figured we needed something lightweight, easy and cheap for our projects. I mean, we tried to keep track of everything on paper, or in Excel. It didn’t work out for us, as we are not chained to our office and travel a lot. We needed something web-based, to be able to access it everywhere. We looked at Basecamp, but it turned out a bit less functional, than Wrike. You’ll probably want to have a look at it, and this article too.

September 19, 2007  
Blogger Senf said...

I'm a freelancer and I also use Wrike for many things. I plan my projects there, use it for personal events and complement my GTD with it. The tool is really great; you should check it, if you still haven't done it.

October 08, 2007  

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