Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why email isn't sending on iPhone

I don’t own an Apple iPhone. I don’t have a need for a smart phone (maps, sending email on my phone, or watching YouTube videos–can you do and still call it a “smart” phone?). I also don’t want to pay for AT&T’s media plan either. And I only use my 20GB iPod in the car. Three of my co-workers own iPhones though, and one asked me to configure it to send email.

You would thin, since the only wireless carrier that the Apple iPhone works with is AT&T (albeit the new hacks that have appeared), that they would make the default SMTP server AT&T’s SMTP’s server. However, they didn’t.

In AT&T’s Support KnowledgeBase KB7276 it says:

AT&T will provide support for sending E-mail using AT&T owned and operated outgoing server addresses:

  • Former AT&T Wireless customers use “” (Standard POP/IMAP compatible via port 25 with no SSL.)
  • AT&T customers use “” (Standard POP/IMAP compatible via port 25 with no SSL.)

The configuration and use of any other outgoing server address will not be supported due to several factors including, but not limited to, the inability for the outgoing server to authenticate users (whether by IP or username/password) that are not directly connected to that Internet Service Providers network. This is mainly done to prevent unsolicited users from sending SPAM via the ISPs servers.

Problem fixed!

-Stephen M. James

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